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Support Our Students

The Sahuarita Unified School District is asking voters to allow the continuation of local Maintenance and Operations (M&O) and District Additional Assistance (DAA) overrides on November 8.

Not a New Tax

Both budget overrides are a continuation of previously approved and existing overrides, so there is no new additional tax increase.

Yes on Prop 492 DAA Override Continuation

  • facility improvements
  • security
  • instructional technology
  • climate controlled school buses
  • fine arts
  • athletic equipment
  • class furniture

Yes on Prop 493 M&O Override Continuation

  • Maintaining Class Size
  • Supporting Co-curricular/Extracurricular Activities such as Arts, Chorus, Band, Theater, Dance, Physical Education, and Athletics
  • Supporting Specialized Programs for Students, such as Language Immersion, Gifted Services, Online Education, and Fine Arts
  • Funding to Attract and Retain Teachers and Staff
  • Dedicated Funding Source for Full-Day Kindergarten, including transportation
  • Continuing Support Services Staff, such as Counseling, Nursing, Literacy, Instructional Technology


If these are just continuations of current overrides, why do we have to vote?

By law, voters must reauthorize budget overrides. This election is to renew the M&O Override (Prop 493) and DAA Override (Prop 492) already in place. Overrides must be renewed at least every five years to avoid funding cuts.

What happens if these override renewals are not approved by voters?

Failure of Propositions 492 and 493 will require a phase out of the existing override funds and SUSD would need to reduce spending. Ultimately, current student programs and services may have to be reduced or eliminated.