Sahuarita School District Voters Approve Prop 471 (Nov. 6, 2018)

Good for Our Schools, Good for Our Community

NOT a new tax but a continuation of the current voter-approved budget override

Thank you to all the Sahuarita District voters, supporters and volunteers who made this campaign for our schools successful. They know Prop 471 is not only an investment in our children’s education but protects property values in the community… without raising the property tax rate.

Thank You!

Continued Academic Progress

The passage of Prop 471 puts more money into classrooms and increases student achievement. It maintains class sizes and provides art, music and P.E., as well as school counselors. It helps attract and retain quality teachers and staff and continues to keep our schools safe and secure.

What Next?

Unofficial Pima County Results

Budget Override Continuation

YES - 5,902 - 56.93%

NO - 4,465 - 43.07%

Election Results